Rogues and crooks. They stole 30,000 lire !!!


A greedy, beggarly, fraudulent business. They only know how to accept a deposit for your loss.
Everything was going well while I was losing. In total, I lost 3 deposits for a total of 8000 lire. From the fourth deposit I managed to win and my balance was 34,500 lira. I was betting single bets on basketball total. I love basketball and I can’t live without bets. I did not exceed the limits, I did not bet on opposite outcomes. I did not violate the company’s rules, this was confirmed by the support employee. On the first request for withdrawal of money, I was immediately refused (my first request for the whole game). Apparently, payments of winnings are not provided at all in this company.
I am writing in support to understand what the reason is. They answered me. Your rates were “specific”! And that’s it! They write off 30,000 lire from the account! I have not seen such lawlessness in any company! Impudent and deceitful theft! Please explain what these “specific” rates are. I am told that the coefficient is 1.87 and the bet amount is 1500 liras. I placed just such rates. I have a saved screenshot of this dialog! For such a far-fetched reason, you can be robbed here!
But the coefficient for the average total of 1.87 in this company is the same for all sporting events. I just couldn’t bet on another odds. I didn’t get an answer to the question why my “specific” rates were accepted all this time. The rules of the company also do not indicate that you cannot place bets on the odds of 1.87 and the amount of 1500 lira. Apparently when they lost everything suited them. It is very convenient to use such general formulations and steal other people’s money.
All the good reviews about this company are probably not written by real players!
Save your money and play in fair companies.

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